“Martin is very supportive and great at listening to what I say. He is quite analytical of what I say and often uses this as a springboard for conversation.”
Clinical Lead Midwife

“Martin double-checked his understanding of my needs and he made me feel relaxed.” Team Leader

“I have now realistic more or less enjoyable goals and a reason to look forward to achieve them. I no longer waste time revisiting the same pathway again and again and I have the capacity to divert and replace goals if they become not worth the time.”
Intensive Care Consultant

“Martin helped me dig deep to find the solutions/ideas I needed.” Senior Civil Servant

“I am calmer, more relaxed and more confident, with better personal resilience”. Consultant Physician

“Very good listening skills, calm and observant – helped to point me in the right direction. I have definitely made some changes in the way I work by having a process to follow.”
Lead Nurse for Service Development

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